Alley Long Divan

SKU: P2P-DSC-302-1-6-11

Tk 59,207

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Introducing the Alley Long Divan - a timeless piece made of high-quality acacia wood, built to last for generations. With its synthetic ball fiber, stain-resistant materials, and soft rubber foam, this Victorian divan offers both durability and comfort for a truly luxurious experience.

Size, Measurement &Finish
Length 72" X Depth 32" X Height 46"

This P2P Victorian divan is a collection of high-quality solid and processed acacia wood in a variety of patterns.


The divan includes synthetic ball fiver, stain-free materials, and very soft rubber foam.

Styling tips
Include multifunctional side tables on either side of the divan. These tables can serve as both decorative pieces and functional surfaces for drinks, snacks, or decor items.

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