Alley bed

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Our Alley bed is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a long-lasting and stylish bed. Made from a combination of high-quality solid and processed wood, this P2P Victorian bed comes in various designs to suit your taste. With its stain-free fabrics, high-quality hardware, and Searlac finish, this bed will remain as good as new for years. Sleep in comfort and style with our Alley bed.

Size, Measurement &Finish

 Length 90" x Width 86" x Height 56"


A combination of high-quality solid and processed wood. 


Stain-free fabrics, the bed features high-quality hardware and accessories & are finished with the chemical of the Italian brand Searlac, it remains like new even after years.

Styling tips

Adorn the alley bed with cozy throws for an extra layer of warmth and comfort. Choose throws with a fluffy texture to create a snug and inviting sleeping space. Consider placing them at the foot of the bed or casually draped over the bed linens for a touch of luxury.


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