Wooden King Bed

Tk 36,900 Tk 41,000

Tax included.


Our bed is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a long-lasting and stylish bed. Made from a combination of high-quality solid and processed wood, this bed comes in various designs to suit your taste. With its stain-free fabrics, high-quality hardware, and Searlac finish, this bed will remain as good as new for years. Sleep in comfort and style with our bed.

Size, Measurement &Finish

 Length 2080" x Width 1635" x Height 975"


Seasoned & Treated Solid Mehogoni Wood & Engineering Wood. High Quality Hardware & Accessories, 


Finished with World's Famous SAYERLACK Brand Lacquer.

Styling tips

Adorn the alley bed with cozy throws for an extra layer of warmth and comfort. Choose throws with a fluffy texture to create a snug and inviting sleeping space. Consider placing them at the foot of the bed or casually draped over the bed linens for a touch of luxury.

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