Tk 229,154 Tk 254,616

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Constructed with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, our sofa is built to last.

Three seater Dimension: ( Length "X Depth" X Height")
Two-seater Dimension:( Length 70" X Depth 37"X Height41")
One-seater Dimension:( Length 46" X Depth 37"X Height41")

Empire Sofa Inside Framed materials is Seasoned & Treated Natural Solid Akashiya wood and Visible ornamental/plain works is Solid Mehogoni wood, High Quality Hardware & Accessories, Beddings with Super Soft Rubber Foam & Synthetic Ball Fibre.


The sofa is coated with SAYERLACK Brand Lacquer, ensuring a pristine finish atop stain-resistant fabric.

Styling tips

Bring a personal touch to the Empire Sofa with knitted blankets that showcase initials or meaningful patterns. This handmade element adds charm and uniqueness to the overall decor.

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