Mystic Shoe Rack

Tk 45,372

Tax included.


Organize your shoes in style with our Edifice Shoe Rack. Made with seasoned and treated Akashiya wood, and finished with the renowned SAYERLACK brand lacquer chemicals, this shoe rack is both durable and stylish. Its standard size makes it a perfect fit for any home.

Size, Measurement &Finish

Dimension: (Length 48" X Depth 16" X Height 48")

Materials: Shoe Rack Seasoned & Treated Mehogoni wood, Engineering Wood / Processed Wood.

Finish: Finished with the World's Famous SAYERLACK Brand Lacquer Chemicals

Unique Features

Hidden Storage Solutions
Elegant Wood Finish

Styling tips: Install floating shelves above or beside the Edifice Shoe Rack to display decorative items like potted plants, framed photos, or stylish storage boxes. This creates a cohesive and visually appealing setup around the shoe rack.

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