3 Shutter Bluebell Cupboard

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Introducing our 3 Shutter Bluebell Cupboard, made with seasoned and treated CTG teak for long-lasting durability. The engineering wood and high quality hardware provide a sturdy structure, while the world-renowned SAYERLACK lacquer finish adds a touch of elegance. Keep your space organized with this well-decorated cupboard.

Size, Measurement &Finish

L-63" x H- 81" x D-24"


Engineering Wood / Processed Wood.


World's Famous SAYERLACK Brand Lacquer Chemicals.

 Unique Features

Seasoned & Treated CTG Teak, High-Quality Hardware & Accessories.

Styling tips

Utilize the shelves inside the Shutter Bluebell Cupboard to create a curated display. Arrange decorative items, such as vases, framed photos, or unique knick-knacks, to showcase your personal style. This adds visual interest behind the shuttered doors and turns the cupboard into a decorative focal point.




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