1 seater Cozy Sofa

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Upgrade your living room with our 1 seater Cozy Sofa. Made with high-quality materials, this sofa offers ultimate comfort and relaxation. Its soft texture and stain-free fabric will leave you feeling at ease. Relax and unwind on this eye-soothing piece.

Size, Measurement & finish 

(Length  34" X Width 45" X Height 38")


Inside Framed materials is Seasoned & Treated Natural Solid Akashiya wood.


Super Soft Rubber Foam and synthetic Ball Fibre, Covered with Imported stain-free fabric.

 Unique features

Smart Design for Versatile Placement

Styling tip

Adorn your cozy chair with a soft, textured blanket or throw. Choose one that complements the color of the chair and adds warmth to the overall look.

Add a personal touch with a soft, monogrammed pillow or a throw that reflects your style. This brings a sense of individuality and personality to the chair.

Consider placing a floor or table lamp beside the chair to provide adjustable and ambient lighting. This creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, especially for evening relaxation.



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