REHAB's Present and Upcoming Vision on the Development of Chittagong

The P2P INSIDER – Episode 2

 As the visionary growth of real estate and housing continues to move forward in the Chattogram, P2P has welcomed the honorable Chairman of REHAB, Chattogram Region to share his valuable knowledge, opinions and visions about REHAB’s present and upcoming vision on the development of Chattogram.

In the very beginning Mr. Kauiam said about the beauty of Chattogram, highlighting that it is a region that is rich with natural beauty and cultural aspects that are different from places all around Bangladesh. He states that following these factors REHAB has been working continuously year after year to decorate and develop the city strongly. Even though that target line has not been reached yet, the efforts have not stopped and will always continue to initiate development of the city.

When asked regarding his opinion about the Government’s initiative on building several mega projects around Chattogram and Greater Chattogram, Mr. Kauiam share that, Chattogram over the past 10 years has experienced substantial infrastructural growth indicating the building of Fly Overs, Economic zones, the Karaphuli Tunnel and the Chattogram-Cox’s Bazar rail line etc. He stated that it is very important for the Real Estate Sector to merge with this positive change of the region and abide with the development programs. Building economic zones will have to include the residences and utilities of those who will be involved directly and indirectly with the project.  REHAB has been concerned about the fast development of Chattogram and has also been working in housing and real estate progression in the port city. Apart from the real estate sector the tourism sector must also come forward with development initiatives to cope with the current mega projects happening around Chattogram.

 About his opinion about his vision of Chattogram 5 years after the present, which means after 2025 when most of the mega projects and development initiatives will be completed, he stated the importance of the real estate sector to rise up to the time and period considering the certain lacking that the sector has been facing. He humbly requests the people in-charge in CDA (Chattogram Development Authority) and Chattogram City Corporation (CCC) to come together and take combined steps to improve the real estate sector and eradicate the drawbacks the are existing. REHAB has looked into this initiative already by organizing meetings with their stakeholders such as CDA, WASA, CCC etc. The country’s per capita income has increased over the years with the consistent development of the country. If the real estate sector does not grow with this development, then the country will not be able to initiate the projects with complete success.

With the topic of waterlogging coming into the discussion, Mr. Kauiam was asked about the current project work of reducing waterlogging and how the people of Chattogram will benefit from the outcome of this project. He stated that the Government has been trying extremely hard to solve this problem making it a priority topic of concern. He stated that once the Switch Gates will be built in important water flowing areas with success these problems will come to conclusion. The upcoming projects of the New Marine Drive Road and the Karnaphuli Tunnel will also bring a revolutionary improvement to development of Chattogram. The government should discuss with all stakeholders in planning and making project decisions.

 The business of real estate started in Chattogram around 1998 as the development of our country began to rise. Most Chittagonian families had a perspective and behavior of building their own home other than giving their property for development to a real estate company. Gradually as Bangladesh has been growing from a middle-income country to a developing country the business of real estate also grew more and more. By 2010 the real estate sector grew to a great extent but due to share market falls and other political unrest issues this growth turned slow. By 2018 the sector was again organized and running well. Right now during the pandemic period this sector has been operating under the supervision of REHAB. However, the real estate companies that are not REHAB enlisted should be ethically concerned and get their membership enlistment done. Mr. Kauiam suggested that similar to BGMEA rules, a strict rule must be imposed that real estate companies will not be able start business without being a member of REHAB. So that the companies can follow ethical business practices, serve the society with dignity and proper services. Coordination is the most important factor that will be able to develop Chattogram Real Estate Sector. In this case we must all help the government in taking a step forward to develop this sector.

The suggestion of CDA to develop lands to the fullest potential by engaging REHAB or REHAB members to build quality projects and apartments, so that the areas can be developed to the fullest potential. CDA can play a very important role by taking a combined initiative to develop housing and real estate in Chattogram by imposing modern and innovative service apartments which will serve thousands of people.

REHAB under the leadership of the President, have accomplished many milestones and look forward in working relentlessly towards the sustainable development of the housing and real estate sector of Bangladesh.

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