Mixing materials: 5 tips from an interior blogger

Less is more? Not according to Dutch interior blogger Marrit de Lang. Her ‘30s home is an eclectic mash-up of materials, patterns and vintage finds. So who better to ask when it comes to the rules of mixing and matching? Scroll on for her tips.


1. Give me all the velvet! It’s such a comfortable fabric – my Primrose armchair is where I curl up and read in the evenings. Combine it with rougher materials like linen for an interesting mix of textures.


2. To me, a house isn’t a home without a warm, welcoming rug. Opt for a patterned one if you're feeling bold, or go for a solid colour that complements your existing scheme if you've already got a lot going on.


3. Don’t shy away from combining patterns; you’ll be surprised to see how well they can work together. Just make sure that you stick to a few core colours to achieve a harmonious overall look. Wall art is a subtle way to do this, and helps you personalise your space as well.


4. Sofa in need of a refresh? Invest in a throw like Cassar. It’s perfect for relaxing nights in and will add a dose of extra texture. Cushions are another great choice of accessory – I love the Kili ones because the colours complement my room, and the fringing adds another layer of interest.


5. And remember, when mixing and matching materials, don’t just limit yourself to upholstery and textiles. Lighting can get in on the action, too. Take the Bonney floor lamp – the marble foot, brass stand and plissé shade create such an interesting focal point. Plus, a cosy, well-lit room will definitely enhance your evenings.