Minimalist storage in a family home? Here’s how.

Having a neat, clutter-free home is impossible when you’ve got kids, right? Wrong. Just ask mother of three Isabel Delanghe. She makes organising seem like a breeze. How? By investing in clever storage solutions and key pieces that seamlessly fit into a family home. Scroll down for her tips.


1. Invest in storage baskets and trunks. They’re so versatile – you can place them inside drawers and cabinets to keep things organised, or stack them up and put them on display. I like woven designs in earthy tones.


2. When it comes to your larger storage items, opt for neutral colours and natural materials – that’ll keep your space feeling calm and minimal. (I love the Beyka sideboard and Amaha nesting tables.) In the mood for a pop of colour? Work it in through smaller pieces, like your rug, wall art and cushions for a subtle look.


3. For me, it’s important that I put everything away once I finish work so that I can focus on my evening without getting distracted by my WFH station. Because who wants to look at a pile of spreadsheets all evening? Put everything in a large storage basket (preferably one with a lid) and simply pop it on a shelf – or even leave it on the dining table.


4. Finally, make it part of your routine to tidy up before you go to bed. Waking up to a clean home helps to put you in a relaxed mindset. I like to make a game out of it with my kids, so that they can learn how to take care of their stuff in a fun way.