The Biggest Furniture Sale Happening Now!

Manufactured in a fully equipped furniture factory: Avail sales on Brand New Furniture

Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF) is an international trade fair. The Export Promotion Bureau and the Ministry of Commerce of the Government of Bangladesh host this event. The DITF 23 was inaugurated on January 1, 2023. The duration of this fair usually is one month. Numerous large and small businesses participate in this fair. 

In addition to Bangladeshi firms, several companies from all around the world typically participate each year. There are company-specific displays at the expo. In addition, other well-known furniture companies participate in this international expo with special offers. 

Keeping this in mind, P2P Furniture has stepped up with the biggest furniture campaign named “Trade Show 23” with an intention to offer huge discounts to Chattogram residents as well. P2P Furniture believes in why only the people of Dhaka would have access to these deals, and they want to extend DITF lucrative deals to their customers in Chattogram and across the nation through online platforms. 

P2P Furniture is prepared for the year's biggest campaign with 400+ products, including bedroom sets, sofa sets, dining sets, and other furniture items. It is a premium furniture brand in Chattogram with a mission to provide the most distinctive and exquisite furniture at a decent price. The customer prefers this brand over all others because of its exceptional quality, service excellence, and extended warranties and guarantees. Prior to now, P2P Furniture was exclusively specialized in Victorian and Meridian furniture. However, in 2022 they also introduced a modern furniture category, which has received a remarkably good response due to its premium quality and top-notch finishing. 


To date, all the segments have received positive feedback from customers. P2P a five-day long Furniture & Build Expo 2022 last November on a large scale. The furniture segment has received the most phenomenal feedback, and customers are awestruck by the design, quality, and service of P2P Furniture. The people of Chattogram like decorating their homes irrespective of their size. And adding new pieces of furniture makes a house appear more beautiful and put together. P2P Furniture has thought about this, and as a result, they have come up with this great initiative to provide discounts of upto 20% on all of their collections till 31st January. 


P2P Furniture is excited to serve all the households in Chattogram and be a part of their life because of the overwhelmingly positive feedback it has received till date. Customers can avail the offers from both the outlets: 

The discounts apply to both in-store and online purchases. All the products are available to customers on the URL below: