Best Tiles Collection Hub in Chittagong

 In Bangladesh, people adorn their homes, gardens, and workplaces using ceramics and tiles to give the structures a more beautiful appearance.The first ceramics company in Bangladesh, Tajma Ceramic Industries, was founded in 1958 and has a factory that produces porcelain ceramics. The tiles and ceramics industry has been quietly booming in Bangladesh in recent times. There are some tile collection hubs in Chittagong that have achieved significant success over the years. 
In this article, we have accumulated the best 5 tiles collection hubs in Chittagong:
  1. P2P Experience Center : P2P’s business concept is one of its kinds in Bangladesh. The idea of hassle free one-stop construction, interior solutions with the materials support has won the heart & the mind of people. P2P consistently focuses on client satisfaction ensuring the requirements are fulfilled beyond their expectation. The P2P Experience Center contains a unique and extensive collection of exclusive tiles. They have various types of tiles, both imported and locally made, all under one roof. The P2P Experience Center is a distinctive outlet that makes P2P one of the top among them. P2P Experience Center offers products that are both modern and classic, thoughtfully created for optimal comfort and unparalleled sophistication. The greatest range of Spanish tiles, which are renowned for their durability, elegance, and longevity, is one of the main attractions of P2P at the moment that is available at P2P Experience Center. Any room will look nicer when the best assortment of tiles are installed. P2P Experience Center outlets in Chittagong are located at,
Outlet 1: 687 Mehedibag Road, (Opposite of CDA Mosque), Chittagong.
Outlet 2: Agrabad access road, opposite golden touch community center, Chittagong.
      2 .Tilottoma 

Tilottoma has a reputation for manufacturing items of the finest quality and reliability that magically fulfill clients' expectations. The brand has endured with dignity, attaining everything a brand hopes for, including the trust of customers to deliver the ideal Tiles. Customers that have a taste for the best and wish to break into society's elites utilize their similarly distinctive items all over the world. Tilottoma is pleased to have contributed to a number of ground-breaking residential and commercial projects. Tilottoma partners with several unique companies from the Asian, European, and American continents in order to deliver the finest tiles to the country. Tilottoma’s Chittagong outlet is located at: 
Yahya Tower, 335 CDA Avenue, M.M Ali Road, Lalkhan Bazar, Chittagong.
  1. PMG Gallery 
The PMG Gallery is the best experience zone in Bangladesh with the goal of consistently pleasing customers with premium, cutting-edge products, devotion, and improved services. The floor tile selection at PMG is extensive. By considering the color, size, and pattern, customers may choose the best option for their environment. PMG has a wide selection of floor tiles, including bedroom wooden floor tiles, luxurious rustic tiles, and contemporary white floor tiles. PMG Gallery in Chittagong is located at:
CPDL,81/A, S.S. Khaled Road, Beside Rima Community Center, Chattogram.
  1. DBL Ceramics
DBL Ceramics Limited set out on its journey with the unwavering aim to provide exquisite and premium-quality ceramic tiles to meet the demands of various architectural styles and types of buildings. DBL Ceramics commenced business at the end of 2016. The DBL Ceramics products combine innovation and exclusivity and are renowned for their originality and distinctive designs. DBL Ceramics is proud of its highly automated manufacturing and production facilities, which guarantee the greatest degree of perfection in every operation. The selection of tiles includes polish, porcelain, wall, technical, and decor tiles with HD printing in a range of patterns and colors to match any décor. DBL Ceramics has developed Sugar Effect Tiles and Technical Porcelain Tiles in Bangladesh as part of its ongoing efforts to reimagine product creation processes and provide a broad variety of varied patterns. DBL Ceramics in Chittagong is located at: CJKS Market, Opposite of Naval Museum, M A Aziz Stadium Market, Chattogram 4000.
  1. RAK Ceramics
RAK Ceramics manufactures a variety of wall, floor, and vitrified tiles as well as sanitary ware for both indoor and outdoor use. They have a technologically superior tile production process. The clients are drawn to and convinced of their high quality control and exactness of manufacturing.Like others, they provide a wide range of various tile types with various hues, patterns, and styles. Customers have grown to trust Rak Ceramics over time due to the company's extensive availability and high-quality tiles.  RAK Ceramics in Chittagong is located at: 875 Jubilee Rd, Chattogram 4000
     Therefore, customers can rely on the high-quality tiles of these hubs, whether they're remodeling or starting from new. Their wide selection of beautifully carved, gorgeous, contemporary textured or 3D printed, and reasonably priced wall decor tiles will improve the aesthetic of any home.Considering customers may access a variety of solutions under one roof, these hubs are unique in their field. They offer everything under one roof, from imported to local, from modern to contemporary, from multicolored to classic whites. Customers may save a lot of time, effort, and energy because of this distinctive shopping experience. They may easily locate the one they need at these places without having to fight with searching or bargaining, they don’t need to visit numerous stores to find the ones they require.